• Tournaments covered anywhere in United States and Canada

  • $300,000 Liability / $300,000 uninsured boaters (with options up to $1M liability

  • AGREED VALUE replacement

  • REPLACEMENT up to 120% for watercraft of 3 years of age or less

  • REPLACEMENT: NO DEPRECIATION hull, motors, electronics, even on partial claims until your boat is 7 years old.

  • NO DEPRECIATION on HULL and ELECTRONICS for life of policy

  • REPLACEMENT on TRAILERS. No Depreciation. First $5000 of trailer coverage FREE. Replaced with like and kind quality. $250 Deductible.

  • Medical $10,000

  • Propeller covered

  • Fishing Tackle/Personal Property $10,000. No deductible guest tackle coverage included.

  • Towing. On the water or off the road. Covered to the value of your vessel; includes fuel delivery, repairs, parts and labor performed at site of breakdown.

  • Search and Rescue $15,000

  • Salvage to the limit of your vessel

  • Oil/Fuel pollution $939,800

  • Marine environmental damage fines and penalties $15,000

  • Anyone can drive your boat with your permission. PLUS coverage FOR YOU DRIVING A NON OW NED WATERCRAFT. (Both liability and property damage)

  • Defense costs. Will pay the limit of liability and still pay 100% of the defense to defend you without a cap.

  • Fishing guide & charter coverage available

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